Crosstalk, 2007, Archival materials on acid-free papers


The following covers were commisioned by the academic natural science journals, Nature Structural & Molecular Biology, Cancer Cell or Cell Reports. The conceptual underpinnings of each work are drawn from Colleen Buzzard's interpretation and understanding of the biological themes of respective issues.



Network, 2010, ink on braille paper


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Cell Reports Inaugural Issue, 2012, Sand, ink, wire





Degredation, 2010

    Row 1 Left: 2012,     Charcoal on paper,     wood ball

    Row 1 Center:     Compression, 2008,     Ink on paper 

    Row 1: Right: Conduit,     2009, Braille on the     paper

    Row 2 Left: Mediation,     2010

    Row 2 Right:     Degradation, 2010







2009, Ink on eggshell







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